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Registration automatically generates a response mail with the reference number used for further handling.
If you have questions regarding the completion of this form please contact your designated contact person at Frigoscandia.

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Goods information
Please note and inform concerned parties:
  • Everyone in the transport chain has the responsibility to prevent further damage when possible. Claimed goods therfore must be handled in accordance with applicable industry guidelines as well as handled so the damages does not get worse.
  • Damage that is not visible at delivery must be reported to Frigoscandia within seven (7) days from the day of delivery. Photo must also be included in the complaint.
  • The claimed goods must be available for inspection or pickup. Therefore, the goods shall not be returned, sold or repaired without Frigoscandia being contacted or until you receive a decision regading your complaint.
  • Any pickup of goods must be performed by Frigoscandia
    - no later than seven (7) business days from the day the decision on the matter has been communicated if the claim is concening temperate or dry food.
    - no later than thirty (30) working days from the day a decision on the matter has been notified if the claim is concerning other goods.
  • In case of delayed delay, supplement the complaint with documentation that proves the cost incurred as a result of the delay, however the maximum amount of the freight is reimbursed.
  • When circumstances exist that justify earlier disposal or dispatch, this must be approved by Frigoscandia.
  • A copy of the consignment note's consignee part and associated commercial invoice must be attached.

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All transport assignments are carried out in accordance with the applicable Frigoscandia Transport Terms for each business area, General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB) and for all food logistics we also follow the Swedish Frozen Food Institutes Liability Provisions for Cold Store and Freezer Storage.

Processing of personal data
Personal data in this form is collected in order to contact you regarding your claim, for example in case of supplementary needs or notification with our decision. The personal data is stored in our case management system together with the claim as long as it is handled and the case information needs to be available for legal reasons or in accordance with our agreement. Read more about how we process your personal data in Frigoscandias Privacy policy.